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To keep ongoing work for our clients at optimal levels of service we ask that all needs be communicated through this portal to ensure they can be routed to the appropriate resource and tracked. Please feel free to use the form below for providing feedback about your service as well.




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How long will it take my request to be fulfilled?

It depends on the type of work being requested. For instance, we ask for 11 working days for print ads to be completed (see below for more details). However, we can fast track projects and requests that are urgent or timebound but ask that all requests be submitted to the form above.

Refer here for time tables for different types of requests (shipping not included):

Blog Article: 11 working days
Brochure: 15 working days
Cost Comparison Worksheet: 5 working days
Community Rate Sheet: 6 working days
Community Signage: 12 working days
Digital Banner: 10 Working Days
Direct Mail Postcard: 14 working days
Employee Handbook: 3 working days
Email Blast: 9 working days
Facebook digital ad: 8 working days
Facebook Event Post (15-20 days in advance): 2 working days
Floor Plan Boards: 17 working days
Flyer: 11 working days
Invitation With Envelope: 13 working days
Landing Page: 8 working days
Leave Behind Postcard: 10 working days
Logo Design: 12 working days
My Life Story: 8 working days
Outdoor Billboard: 8 working days
Outdoor Banner: 15 working days
Poster: 14 working days
Print Ad: 11 working days
Promotional Items: 15 working days
Retractable Banner: 14 working days
Sandwich Board Signs: 15 working days
Special Request Project: TBD
Television Ad: 15 working days
Video: 15 working days

Who should I contact for work requests?

The best way to ensure timely completion of work requests is to submit them at the form above. The team will be alerted, and the labor will be allocated accordingly. 

What type of work can the team do?

If you can dream it, we can do it! We just ask that the requests come through in an orderly fashion and submitted through the appropriate channels.

What is your favorite gift to get to say thanks for a job well done?

Your continued patronage is all that we ask for in return 🙂 

What number can I call to speak with someone about the progress of my request?

Due to the high volume of work our team has at any given time, we ask that you follow up with the person working on your case via email. You can request a call from there.

How much do my urgent requests cost?

Hourly fees may apply to urgent requests that are beyond the scope of a retainer. If urgent requests are submitted frequently a convenience fee may be added to the retainer.